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[BW3040QCS] - Non Reflex Quick Coupler Suppressor

The SUS-TAC BW3040QCS is the compact version of the quick coupler suppressor. Produced to add minimal size and length to the rifle. The BW3040QCS is a non-reflex suppressor which attaches to the end of the barrel with a screw thread. 

These units are designed for the .223 caliber but if extra suppression is a deciding factor, the BW3040QCL can be purchased instead.


  • Lightweight outer housings manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium
  • Reduces sound pressure significantly
  • Small chamber design for smaller calibers and compact requirements
  • Quick coupler allows fast installation and removal of suppressor
  • Internals machined from high grade stainless steel for higher abrasion resistance
  • Attractive exterior styling with matt black GunKote
  • CNC precision machined for the highest accuracy and dependability


Caliber Range  : 

  .223 Semi-Auto

Magnum Capable  : 


dB Reduction  : 

  +-25dB (C)

Recoil Reduction  : 


Quick Coupler  : 


Housing Material  : 

  Aircraft Grade Aluminium

Standard Internals  : 

  Stainless Steel

Size  : 

  40mm OD x 202mm Long

 SS Weight  : 

  +-441g  (0.97lb)  (15.5oz)

Finish  : 

  Black with Steel Muzzle Nut

Barrel Connection  : 


Barrel Thread  : 

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Titanium Option  : 

  Titanium Internals

 Titanium Weight  : 

  +-298g  (0.66lb)  (10.5oz)

High Temp Option  : 

  Inconel Internals

High Temp Weight  : 

  +-460g  (1.01lb)  (16.2oz)

Optional GunKote Colors  :

  On request